I woke to find sunshine. I couldn’t believe it. I made a couple of cups of coffee and grill cheese sandwiches. After that, I went on a road tour to get gas and ice.

After getting gas in Caledonia, I followed a sign to West Caledonia and explored some back roads along the way. One of them had a sign that said, “Fire Tower.” I had to check that out. I drove back a long way, but only found a communications tower. If there was a fire tower, I didn’t see, or any more signs pointing to one, so I headed back to the main side road. Once there, I turned right again to see where it went.

I saw a sign for can’t remember the name lake. After quite a while, the road turned into a single lane and I eventually found 'Can’t Remember the Name Lake'. I snapped a couple of pictures and while doing so a car passed along from further down the road. Once back in my car, I figured I would check out where they came from. I wasn’t a far drive. There was a lone house just a couple of hundred yards down the road with a closed gate; end of the line. I headed back to highway 8 and on to the park.


For this day, there was not really too much to report. It was mostly just driving aimlessly about and taking it easy. Once I clear up the dishes from supper, I will take a break from the journal and take a walk followed by quiet time around the fire.

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